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Aqua O3 Antiaging (GF)

Aqua O3 Antiaging (GF)

Over time, the skin starts to lose the fundamental substances of which it is made. The collagen loses solubility and skin tone and elasticity reduce. At the same time, fibroblast metabolism slows, the epidermis flattens and wrinkles appear. Expression lines also appear as a result of lack of hydration.

Thanks to its cocktail of anti-aging active agents (growth factors, peptides, vitamins and amino acids), AQUA O3 ANTIAGING (GF) acts to regenerate the tissues and revitalize your skin. Its high content of low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid also provides extra hydration, improving dry skin and skin without shine.

Indicated for persons presenting chrono-aging or photoageing. Skin with lack of brightness. Improvement of fine wrinkles and expression lines.

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