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Aqua O3 Lipo

Aqua O3 Lipo

When the balance between fat elimination – lipolysis – and storage – lipogenesis – goes out of adjustment, the adipocytes accumulate fat, water and toxins. At the same time, excess glucose hardens the collagen fibers, altering the elasticity of the skin. This is when clumps of fat can be seen trapped between the rigid fibers. This compression causes poor drainage and the cushioned appearance of orange peel skin at the surface.

The activity of the AQUA O3 LIPO active agents in synergy succeeds in improving the appearance of orange peel skin by activating lipolysis and by their clearance action, achieving a smoothing of the skin.

Indicated for improvement of the appearance of cellulite. Buttocks, abdomen, love handles, inside face of thighs and knees.

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