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BeeVenom Crema

BeeVenom Crema

Veneno de Abeja

People have been using bee venom for decades on account of its favourable qualities; these qualities have enabled bee venom to gain a foothold in cosmetics markets. Bee venom repairs damaged cells and strengthens our protective barrier and also produces a quick, prolonged and long-lasting tensing effect. It also reduces and corrects wrinkles and makes the skin appear more youthful. BeeVenom Crema has a light texture which easily penetrates even the deepest layers of the skin. It is enhanced with a blend of active ingredients which interact to perfection. (Consisting of substances of a low molecular weight, such as amino acids and lactates, which easily penetrate your skin). By adding peptides which simulate the action of those particular to the skin, the result is a product which is quickly absorbed and provides visible results.
The bee venom used in BeeVenom Crema is not extracted from bees, it is a compound which imitates the properties of this animal venom.

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