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BeeVenom Serum

BeeVenom Serum

Veneno de abeja

People have been using bee venom for decades on account of its favourable qualities; these qualities have enabled bee venom to gain a foothold in cosmetics markets. Bee venom repairs damaged cells and strengthens our protective barrier and also produces a quick, prolonged and long-lasting tensing effect. It also reduces and corrects wrinkles and makes the skin appear more youthful.
BeeVenom Serum, is a highly rich serum which rejuvenates the most delicate skin of your face and combines various active ingre-dients such as peptides.
The skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor of ISSÉIMI stands out in this formula due to its efficiency;
it increases the moisture, smoothness and elasticity of your skin. Peptides also act in the same way as those in the skin; as time goes by these are produced less and less by our organism.

The bee venom used in BeeVenom Serum is not extracted from bees, it is a compound which imitates the properties of this animal venom.

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