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Isséimi, brand and cosmetics laboratory with patent in EGF

A life in search of beauty

ISSÉIMI has inherited the formulas handed down by Laboratorio Heber Farma, which has developed high quality, tried and tested cosmetic products for over 15 years. ISSÉIMI therefore upholds all the formulations and maintains the quality standards set by Laboratorio Heber Farma and is committed to continuing to manufacture with the parameters with which, in the 90s, Heber Farma founding partner Milagros Bravo Martín created the cosmetic line with growth factors.

Today, the company blends this formulation tradition with the latest technologies in active ingredients, manufacturing processes and efficacy tests which are applied to all ISSÉIMI products, placing it at the forefront of cosmetic formulations.

ISSÉIMI is licensed to use Heber Farma patents in its formulations, including the patent which allows absorption of the active ingredients it uses down to the deepest layers of the skin. With this Smart Delivery System it has developed cosmeceuticals which guarantee that the growth factors reach their receptor, optimising the result of these peptides. These techniques enable the firm to achieve the best results in anti-ageing cellular cosmetics, maximising skin hydration, nutrition and rejuvenation and guaranteeing that the active ingredient is delivered to the different layers of the skin.

Since 2008, this exclusive formulation technology has also been used in the development of our products with ozone (nascent oxygen), such as O3 DEPUR and the NAT COLLECTION line.

Our research team is committed to learning, testing and studying using the latest innovations in active ingredients. The products we develop for sale are only those that have proved to be effective. This in-depth research and development is carried out by the best pharmacists, biologists and specialists as needed in each project and always according to European quality standards. The R&D department is audited every year by an external company which is commissioned to check not only that the procedures established in the product design are followed, but that the tests conducted on our cosmetics are sufficient to guarantee safety and efficacy in their application.

Find out more about our exclusive product collections, as well as our professional beauty range, for continuing home care adapted to the different needs of the skin. Only ISSÉIMI-qualified professionals can assess you as part of your beauty programme.

Why use ISSÉIMI?

ISSÉIMI‘s priority is to keep moving forward in the use of growth factors and other peptides, whose efficacy is widely proven, while also continuing to observe and absorb consumer trends and tastes together with the latest discoveries applicable to facial and body dermocosmetics (ISSÉIMI has a natural product line for specific skincare, sensitive and reactive skin, skin oxygenation, etc.).

ISSÉIMI means tradition and innovation, so the consumer can be sure that they have purchased a product that has been carefully formulated, is gentle on the skin and contains the most effective active ingredients to achieve the best results, making the skin look healthy, bright and rejuvenated.



Aware that society is constantly evolving and that we must all work together to build a better world, we at ISSÉIMI:

  • Are committed to and cooperate with our groups of interest, continuously or as needed.
  • Work-life balance is real: We offer our employees a continuous work day which enables them to enjoy family and/or leisure time after 4:00 PM.



ISSÉIMI formulates its cosmetics using a PATENTED technology. This patent guarantees that all active ingredients penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin. It is in these dermal layers that collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are produced, substances that are essential for obtaining a bright and rejuvenated skin, which is a sure sign of youth. This PATENT consists of the encapsulation of certain active ingredients, such as EGF (epidermal growth factor), into small concentric spheres which carry these substances to the deepest layers of the skin.
This PATENT has enabled us to:

  • Guarantee the bioavailability of the active ingredients (AI).
  • Achieve continuous AI release.
  • Dispense the exact quantity needed to obtain a visible and lasting result on the skin.
  • Reach the deepest layers of the skin, which is where the receptors for the peptides and growth factors which we use in our cosmetics are found.

*We also use this delivery technique with other ingredients typical of our formulations, such as ozone (nascent oxygen), which we include in our eco-friendly line. We continue to research into different active ingredients to investigate the possibility of implementing this technology and guaranteeing and improving the absorption and efficacy of our cosmetics.



  • ISSÉIMIoperates under the quality standards established by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22716:2008 (GMPs – good manufacturing practices).
  • Our commitment to these standards is such that, each year, our processes are subjected to internal and external audits (by an independent body) to guarantee proper compliance of our manufacturing processes, Product Design department, After-Sales Service and all other departments.
  • Manufacturing: All raw materials used in our products are subject to strict quality controls, rejecting any that are not up to European standards or of pharmaceutical quality.
  • We have decided to remove from our cosmetics substances such as parabens (not all have been prohibited) and mineral oils since, although these are not harmful to the skin, there are now excellent-quality and more natural alternatives available.



ISSÉIMI, as part of its ongoing efforts to improve customer satisfaction and adapt to the new cosmetic trends, is developing a natural, eco-friendly cosmetic line. Formulated with natural active ingredients and with no mineral oils, these will be available in 2016.

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