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Expert opinions

"I wish to express my immense satisfaction with such an important and effective healing product as is Fluvix, which I have been using for over four years as a post-operative product for all my patients who have undergone plastic surgery, with highly gratifying results; as well as the exclusive ISSEIMI MD cosmeceutical line for treating the skin after medico-aesthetic treatments including Hidrorrenovadora and Biocell. A line with a high active ingredient content which restores the skin, enhancing medico-aesthetic therapy and thus guaranteeing proper regeneration, hydration and rejuvenation for our patients. The main component of these products, to which they owe their enormous benefits, is recombinant human epidermal growth factor (rhEGF), which is obtained using biotechnological methods. I must congratulate Laboratorio Heber Farma for its dedication to research into new skin healing and repairing treatments at both the medical and cosmetic levels, as well as for perfecting and constantly improving all of its treatment ranges."
- Dra. Marta Paya
" Mimetic Skin is a treatment which suits the way I work and gives me a wide range of options when faced with so many different skin types and conditions (imperfections). It is a complete treatment, with exquisite details that set it apart from all other treatments used in the beauty salon. I am very satisfied with the ranges, and especially the Cleansing Emulsion which, combined with Kerathor and following the Mimetic Skin protocols, helps achieve a clean, bright skin that is better prepared to absorb the active ingredients of all other products. I recommend this routine to my customers so they can do it at home, as it will improve the result they get from the creams and serums I recommend to them. "
- Ana Cristina Olano

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